Participants take on the role of a Forensic Scientist and explore different forensic disciplines such as fingerprints, fibres, soil, inks, bloodstain patterns and more through fun filled with interactive and exciting hands-on activities. They also get to speak to our scientists, authors of the Discover Forensics book series, and hear about cases handled by them and learn what it takes to be a forensic scientist. At the of each session, participants will be presented with a certificate. Sign up Now!

Perfect for children aged 7 to 12, “Fun with Forensics” introduces our Junior Forensic Scientists to the intriguing world of forensic science where they they get to learn about fingerprints, fibres, soil, inks and more! Packed with hands on activities, they will have fun learning and acquiring new skills at the same time!

Ideal for children aged 10 to 14, this programme takes them on an adventure to delve deeper into the different disciplines of forensic science such as shoe prints, bloodstain patterns and handwriting. They will explore more about how science, mathematics and engineering can be useful in solving cases.

Specially designed for Budding Forensic Scientists aged 13 to 16, this is an advanced programme where they have to apply knowledge of different forensic disciplines to investigate and solve cases using laboratory skills, critical thinking and logical reasoning.

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What Our Young Scientists Say

What I enjoyed the most was learning how to use the microscope!

Asher, 9

I learnt how to examine my fingerprints and enjoyed the dusting activities the most.

Jude, 8

I learnt that Forensic Scientists don’t just look at dead bodies.

Zenith, 11

I enjoyed learning using the different tools provided and the session was very hands-on.

Lucas, 12

I learnt about the different types of fingerprints and had lots of fun collecting my fingerprints on a ten-print card!

Parker, 8

Today, I learnt that everybody has different fingerprints.

Zizi, 8

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