Forensic Science

The Forensic Experts Group aims to provide forensic education workshops in schools to instill good values, impart our knowledge and skills, and to inspire students to appreciate science. Our workshops are based on actual cases done by our Forensic Scientists and comprise vivid lectures, visual illustrations, and real forensic case studies to serve as a backdrop to explain scientific concepts and highlight the value of science to the justice system.
We have also specially designed forensic-related experiments to provide students with ample opportunities to apply and reinforce the scientific principles they have learned during the workshop. Students also get to engage in dynamic thinking and hone their presentation skills with the group activities and presentations. Join our Forensic Scientists on an exciting journey of examining physical evidence, and retracing step-by-step the trail left by the criminal. Students will be able to appreciate how the science knowledge and skills learnt in class are applied in the real world.

Our workshops can be tailored for students of different levels (Primary to Tertiary), streams (NA/NT/Express/Special/IP) and CCA such as Scouts and NPCC. Our workshops specially designed for NPCC cadets allows them to learn about how Forensic Science plays a key and vital role in fighting and preventing crime, and get hands-on experience in solving a case. Read more.

Below are some of the workshops we offer. For customised programmes or a comprehensive list of our other exciting workshops, please contact us.

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What Our Young Scientists Say

What I enjoyed the most was learning how to use the microscope!

Asher, 9

I learnt how to examine my fingerprints and enjoyed the dusting activities the most.

Jude, 8

I learnt that Forensic Scientists don’t just look at dead bodies.

Zenith, 11

I enjoyed learning using the different tools provided and the session was very hands-on.

Lucas, 12

I learnt about the different types of fingerprints and had lots of fun collecting my fingerprints on a ten-print card!

Parker, 8

Today, I learnt that everybody has different fingerprints.

Zizi, 8

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