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Career Talks

Our talks are a great avenue to create awareness among students about what Forensic Science is all about. Get up close and personal with practising Forensic Scientists and hear about actual cases from the “horse’s mouth”. Students also get to find out how science is applied to solve cases and learn what it takes to be a Forensic Scientist . 

Silent Witnesses of Crime

Through this interactive talk, students are introduced to Forensic Science and learn about the various types of evidence. They will get to hear about actual cases and be intrigued by how forensic science helped to provide answers to the “who”, what”, “where”, “when”, “why” and “how”. They will also have the opportunity to have their burning questions about Forensic Science answered by our Scientists!

This talk is suitable for students of all ages, from Primary to Tertiary levels

Do You Have What It Takes?

Through this informative talk, students learn what is required to pursue a career in Forensic Science, and appreciate how knowledge gained in class can be applied in the real world. Students can also benefit from the insight and advice of our Forensic Scientists. This talk is suitable for schools looking at creating awareness among students about the different career opportunities in the workforce.

This talk is recommended for students from Secondary to Tertiary levels

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What Our Young Scientists Say

What I enjoyed the most was learning how to use the microscope!

Asher, 9

I learnt how to examine my fingerprints and enjoyed the dusting activities the most.

Jude, 8

I learnt that Forensic Scientists don’t just look at dead bodies.

Zenith, 11

I enjoyed learning using the different tools provided and the session was very hands-on.

Lucas, 12

I learnt about the different types of fingerprints and had lots of fun collecting my fingerprints on a ten-print card!

Parker, 8

Today, I learnt that everybody has different fingerprints.

Zizi, 8

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