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TFEG’s Discover Forensics Series™ includes specially curated  Programmes to engage & inspire students to appreciate & develop a passion for Science. We’ve also written a  fun and informative book that introduces budding young investigators to the world of forensic science.

What Sets Us Apart

The Forensic Experts Group is passionate about teaching students about the exciting field of forensic science. Our Discover Forensics Series™ are specially designed and curated, based on the cases our Scientists have handled. Through experiential learning, students can better appreciate the Science learnt in the classroom and its applications in the real world. Not only do our Scientists share about what goes on behind the scenes, they also drive home the importance of ethics and integrity. Our Scientists also provide invaluable insight and advice to students who are interested in a career in forensics.
It is our belief that every child deserves an opportunity to  explore and discover the intriguing field of Forensic Science. Hence, we have designed our programmes such that they can be customised and tailored for students of different levels (Primary to Tertiary) and streams (NA/NT/Express/Special & IP). We also offer programmes for CCA groups e.g. NPCC.

The Forensic Education Programmes conducted by our Scientists have the potential to shape the life of at least one student in your charge. As they learn about forensic science and realise its application in the real world and in the administration of justice, some of them may decide to explore forensics as a career. Others may gain a deeper interest in science and move on to participate in break-through scientific research. It is our dream to be able to inspire and kindle a flame in every child.

At the very least, your students will learn something new and have a bit of fun. They will never look at CSI and other crime-scene investigation TV shows in the same light again!

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What the Students Say

There are many aspects to a forensic investigation. In an investigation, teamwork is very important, and a mess up can be disastrous. A clear mind is essential to investigation. JC Student

I love how much effort had gone into making the student kits and how everything was structured and scheduled. It really made me feel special.

Secondary Student

The instructors were extremely knowledgeable. I would go for another workshop if the chance was offered.

IP Student

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