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Using Science for Investigations

Discover Forensics™ programmes are specially curated by practising Forensic Scientists to engage and inspire young and curious minds. Our exciting programmes bring young budding scientists on a journey to explore and learn about the intriguing world of forensic science where are exposed to evidence such as fibres, soil, fingerprints, knots and suspicious materials. They will not only acquire practical laboratory skills such as microscopy, but also hone important attributes such as presentation skills and critical thinking.

Through sharing our first-hand experiences, we aim to expose our young scientists to a world of forensic science beyond what is often depicted on TV and let them have a glimpse of how Science taught in class can be applied in the real world.

Holiday Programmes

Participants take on the role of a Forensic Scientist and explore different forensic disciplines such as fingerprints, fibres, soil, inks, bloodstain patterns and more through fun filled with interactive and exciting hands-on activities. They also get to speak to our scientists, authors of the Discover Forensics book series, and hear about cases handled by them and learn what it takes to be a forensic scientist. At the of each session, participants will be presented with a certificate. Sign up Now!

Perfect for children aged 7 to 12, “Fun with Forensics” introduces our Junior Forensic Scientists to the intriguing world of forensic science where they they get to learn about fingerprints, fibres, soil, inks and more! Packed with hands on activities, they will have fun learning and acquiring new skills at the same time!

Ideal for children aged 10 to 14, this programme takes them on an adventure to delve deeper into the different disciplines of forensic science such as shoe prints, bloodstain patterns and handwriting. They will explore more about how science, mathematics and engineering can be useful in solving cases.

Specially designed for Budding Forensic Scientists aged 13 to 16, this is an advanced programme where they have to apply knowledge of different forensic disciplines to investigate and solve cases using laboratory skills, critical thinking and logical reasoning.


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  • Trivia #7: Dr Edmond Locard
    Dr Locard was a French criminalist and often regarded as the “Sherlock Holmes of France”. His greatest and most influential work was the development of Locard’s Exchange Principle.

School Programmes

Our programmes are specially designed to broaden students’ knowledge of forensic science, hone both their soft and hard skills, and can be used as a precursor to or reinforce what they learn in class. They get hands-on experience in solving a case, interact with and hear about cases handled by practising forensic scientists, and find out what it takes to be in the field of forensics. Our scientists have conducted programmes for local and international schools, students of different levels (Primary to Tertiary), streams (NA/NT/Express/Special/IP) and even CCAs such as Scouts and NPCC. Read more or contact us today!


Is the work of a Forensic Scientist really like what is shown on TV? Want to pursue forensics as a career? Get up close and personal with our scientists, hear about actual cases handled by them and find out if you have what it takes to be a Forensic Scientist!
What better way to learn than through experiential learning? TFEG’s booths provide a wide range of hands-on activities that will allow students to have a taste of what being a Forensic Scientist is like!
Specially curated based on cases handled by our forensic scientists, TFEG’s series of workshops are designed to sharpen students’ scientific skills as well as hone their soft skills.

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